Monday, March 03, 2008

BCA president leaving

Libbie Shufro, the Boston Center for the Arts’ president and CEO, is leaving. The news was first reported by Big Red & Shiny. Here’s what the BCA says this morning:
The Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) and President and CEO Libbie Shufro today jointly announced that she intends to leave the BCA to pursue new opportunities. Chairman of the Board, David Hacin said "Libbie Shufro has helped the organization make great strides during her six year tenure as President and CEO, building a strong senior management team to implement the organization's new strategic vision.”

Hacin added, “The recent opening of the Beehive Café, securing substantial grants for programs as well as for major capital repairs to the BCA’s facilities, the launch of the Environmental Design Competition to rejuvenate the BCA’s outdoor public spaces, and a significant increase in earned income through Cyclorama rentals—the proceeds from which help subsidize affordable studio and theatre space for our resident artists and theater companies—have all been hallmarks of her time at the helm.”

Hacin noted that under Ms Shufro’s tenure “The BCA has revitalized all its programs to engage diverse artists and audiences and recently hired a new curator of visual arts, with a strong educational background, to deepen public engagement.”

Ms Shufro leaves the BCA to pursue new opportunities after the successful completion of a five-year strategic plan that positions the BCA with a strong vision and a stable foundation.

Philip Lovejoy, the incoming Chairman of the Board, announced that a Search Committee is being formed to find a successor. He stated, "Our Board will be working very closely with Lisa Giuffre, the Chief Operating Officer of the BCA, and the senior management to keep the BCA’s programmatic and fundraising activities moving forward.”

Mr. Lovejoy added “Under Libbie Shufro’s direction, we have made significant progress in attracting new funders, audiences and advocates for the BCA and its mission."


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