Thursday, June 25, 2009

In loving memory of the King

We were very sorry to learn that Michael Jackson died today at age 50.

Update: Boston artist Ben Sloat, whose art pictured above was exhibited at OHT Gallery last fall, writes from Taiwan:
I just saw this article, which makes me think that this Dana Schutz piece is happening right now.

I've always wondered how Michael Jackson would have been regarded if he had died in 1993 or how Bob Dylan's iconography would be treated if he'd died in 1966. I was too young to be aware of Elvis' death or John Lennon's but in the midst of Michael Jackson's untimely death, I appreciate the focus on his phenomenal cultural contributions as opposed to the gruesome drama of his tragic decline. I'm living in Asia now and all the news reports regard him with a familiarity I didn't quite expect.

Of course, another weird thing is how my work about him has suddenly taken a whole new meaning.
We invite you to use the comments to post tributes to Jackson.


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