Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get your art news here first

or wait three months and get the same stuff from the other guys.

The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research on March 25:
“Three of Boston's most important galleries are about to make major changes, and rumors are rampant that several others may soon move or close — signaling a major upheaval in the city's art scene.”

The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research on April 1:
“A week after Allston Skirt Gallery got two of its artists named among the four finalists for the Institute of Contemporary Art’s 2008 Foster Prize, word began to spread that the nine-year-old gallery would be closing at the end of its next show.

"The news turned out to be the first sign of a major gallery shake-up involving a number of Boston’s most prestigious venues. Three galleries are closing, several are moving, and others are restructuring.”

Cate McQuaid in The Boston Globe on June 25:
“The boxes, rolls of duct tape, and odd pieces of art scattered around the Allston Skirt Gallery might be mistaken for a witty conceptual art installation. But they're not. Owners Beth Kantrowitz and Randi Hopkins, in business nine years, are packing up their Harrison Avenue space for good.

"Allston Skirt is just one of 14 key galleries in the South End and on Newbury Street that will have closed, moved, subdivided, or gone on hiatus by the end of the summer. That's more than one-third of the commercial galleries on Boston's contemporary-art scene. It's a seismic shift.”


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