Sunday, June 15, 2008

Political buttons project at Miller Block

Ellen Miller of Miller Block Gallery in Boston is inviting local artists to design and decorate politically-themed buttons to be shown in “Campaign Buttons 2008: Artists Speak Out,” scheduled to be the gallery’s first exhibit when it moves into its new space at 38 Newbury St. in September.

“In an effort to foster a dialogue between art and politics,” Miller writes, “I will be distributing blank campaign buttons to a wide range of Boston based artists in the hopes that they will visually explore the impact of political alliance and support. The buttons will be 3 inches in diameter, large enough to allow for elaborate pictorial or verbal messages concerning the candidates, the issues and the future!”

Artists wishing to participate are encouraged to contact the gallery. Miller is kicking off the project with an evening of “beer, wine and munchies” from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 18, at the gallery’s current third-floor location at 14 Newbury St. to give a chance for people to pick up blank buttons, and just get together.

The buttons exhibit is scheduled for Sept. 5 to Oct. 11. Miller explains, “The Campaign Buttons 2008 will be for sale, at a standard price of $100(most likely). A percentage of the sales will go to benefit the Artists Foundation, the artist and the gallery will split the remainder of the profit, or unless otherwise determined on an individual basis.”


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