Friday, July 18, 2008

“Meat After Meat Joy” at Pierre Menard

From my review of “Meat After Meat Joy” at Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge through Sunday:
Last Wednesday an e-mail arrived from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demanding that Pierre Menard Gallery take down “Meat After Meat Joy.” My first thought: “What took you so long?” The show, guest-curated by Heide Hatry of New York, has 10 artists who make sculptures of meat or art depicting meat to investigate “the paradoxical relationship meat has to the body.”

“Unless you’re Hannibal Lecter, there’s nothing ‘artistic’ or ‘joyful’ about meat,” PETA senior vice-president Tracy Reiman said in the press release. “If it’s unacceptable to kill humans for an art exhibit, then it should be unacceptable to kill animals, too.”

“They’re only looking at the show from one angle,” gallery director Nathan Censullo said of PETA, “and not trying to consider it from another one that might be respectful and reflect their views.”
Read the rest here.

More on PETA’s complaint here.

“Meat After Meat Joy,” Pierre Menard Gallery, 10 Arrow St., Cambridge, June 21 to July 20.

Pictured from top to bottom: Tamara Kostianovsky’s "Abacus,” 2008, articles of clothing belonging to the artist, ink, shellac, wire, meat hooks; and Betty Hirst’s “Baby” and “Bust,” both 2008, raw meat sculptures.


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