Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dave Cole

From my review of “Dave Cole: All American,” which closed at Judi Rotenberg Gallery on Oct. 12:
America and war have been the subjects of Providence sculptor Dave Cole’s work for several years now. And you have to say he’s had good timing — curators and art writers are finding it more and more irresistible.

His show “All American” at Judi Rotenberg Gallery presents American flags made of bullets, finely crafted baby clothes made from recycled Kevlar military flak vests, and an M60 machine gun mounted on a child’s wagon towed by a tricycle (all painted desert tan). There seems to be a critique here about raising our kids in a war culture, but it’s a one-liner. Cole doesn’t much go in for complexity or subtlety. He leaves you little room to ponder after you get his joke/statement.
Read the rest here.

“Dave Cole: All American,” Judi Rotenberg Gallery, 130 Newbury St., Boston, Sept. 4 to Oct. 12, 2008.

Our review of Cole’s last show at Rotenberg Gallery.


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