Thursday, December 04, 2008

Andrew Neumann

From my review of Andrew Neumann’s “The Last Picture Show” at Axiom:
Bostonian Andrew Neumann mulls the nature of video and digital media in the 11 pieces — mostly small video screens ganged on wood panels — of "The Last Picture Show." Some are pretty, like the video "still-lifes" of spinning bouquets of flowers. Others are formal riffs: T.V. Control Panel (Color) considers the contrast, color, vertical hold, and brightness controls of televisions. The word "vertical" drifts down one screen. On another screen, the word "brightness" fades in and out of static. Neumann's concerns are so elementary, and cut-up footage and multi-screen effects are so familiar, that his subjects feel like old news. More promising is On the Corner, which shows video panning across a Boston street corner. …
Read the rest here (at the end).

Andrew Neumann “The Last Picture Show,” Axiom, 141 Green St., Boston, Oct. 24 to Dec. 13.

Pictured from top to bottom: Andrew Neumann, Axiom installation shot and “Arc W/ Variations,” 2008.


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