Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beth Lipman

From my review of Beth Lipman’s “After You’re Gone” at the RISD Museum:
Wisconsin artist Beth Lipman’s installation “After You’re Gone” is ravishing. It includes a fragile-looking glass settee and a tour de force wooden table overflowing with shimmering glass dishes, apples, pears, pig’s feet, cheese, fish, birds, cake, oysters, and flowers. All of it is made of clear glass. Everything on the table seems to have tumbled over, the dinner ruined. It feels like a haunted fairy tale with a world turned to ice and on the verge of melting away.
“After You’re Gone: An Installation by Beth Lipman,” RISD Museum, 20 North Main St. Providence, Aug. 22, 2008, to Jan. 18, 2009.

Pictured: Beth Lipman’s “Laid Table (Still Life with Metal Pitcher.”


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