Monday, November 24, 2008

Obalil named president of RI Citizens for the Arts

Association seeking executive director

Deborah Obalil, an art consultant and former executive director of Alliance for Artist Communities, has been named the new board president of RI Citizens for the Arts, the arts advocacy organization announced today.

The nine-year old organization is also in the process of hiring its first staff executive director. This new three-quarter-time job would replace the position of director, which Lisa Carnevale has filled, she says, on a sort of “independent contractor” basis. She tells me she’s applying for the new position.

Obalil has been a member of the RI Citizens for the Arts board of directors since 2005, and previously served as the group’s vice president. She succeeds Yvonne Seggerman, executive director of Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket and board president of RI Citizens for the since 2005.

Seggerman now becomes vice president, Carrie Zaslow remains board treasurer, and David Wax remains secretary. Newly joining the board are Suzanne Fortier, development director at RISD Museum; Peter Lewiss, attorney and soon-to-be former state representative of Westerly; and Rachel Tischler, general manager at Trinity Rep. Continuing to serve as board members are Peter Bramante, Christopher McMahan, Kate Champa, Emma Palzere-Rae, Vanessa Gilbert, Lisa LaDew, and Susan Woythaler.


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