Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Food art at Topsfield Fair

One of the highlights of the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts each year is the “veggie creatures” and “decorative pumpkins” exhibition in the Fruit and Vegetables barn.

Sara Wong of Topsfield sculpted the astonishing giant “Wolf Spider” (above and immediately below) from corn, potatoes, parsnips, peppers, phragmites and gourds. Pictured below the spider are from top to bottom: “Goat Devil” by Sam Wong-Rupuano, 9, of Atkinson, New Hampshire; cow by Nicholas Terranova, 13, of North Andover; “Mr. Porcupine” by Natalia Knowles, 9, of Boxford; ram by Andrea Mank, 28, of Newbury; cyclops battle by the Carmer Family of Topsfield; “Celebrities Gone, Yet Not Forgotten” by the Greenslade Family of Topsfield; swan by John Abend, 11, of Danvers; and “Take it to Heart” Health Ministry by Seventh-Day Adventist Church Youth Group of Topsfield.

Jim Victor of Pennsylvania (pictured at very bottom) is sculpting a cow out of butter in a trailer outside the main arena.

Photos by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.


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