Thursday, January 11, 2007

Goodbye, Gallery Agniel/Martina & Co.

Gallery Agniel and Martina & Company made Providence a more exciting, more inspiring place over the past eight years. And so I was quite saddened to hear this week that Sara Agniel and Martina Windels won’t be reopening the gallery after their usual January break. (See my report here.) I look forward to their new ventures – but the gallery will be greatly missed.

“I care about ideas. I think the soul of our culture is in the people who are making art. I think we don’t often have space where that is well understood and well presented. I want people to get it. In my most basic makeup I’m interested in translation, communication between two people who don’t understand each other. … I think it takes the right kind of ear to listen to people who are making art and hear their intentions. Even in the finest galleries I don’t think that’s always the case. … I really wanted to try to make things heard in their own voice.” – Sara Agniel


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