Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(Fake) New York Times: “Iraq War Ends”

A fake New York Times distributed across New York this morning declares: “Iraq War Ends.” It’s a striking, surprising, visceral experience to see the headline. The potential end of the war – even after Obama’s victory – still seems like a dream.

The fake July 4, 2009, newspaper – a collaboration of mostly anonymous artists (save for The Yes Men) from around the country, including New England – also reports that the Patriot Act has been repealed, Bush indicted on high treason, ex-Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice “apologizes for W.M.D. scare,” and Times columnist Thomas Friedman promises to give up his column because he supported the war while being consistently wrong about it.

The design in print and on the web is spot on, though the quality of the writing is mixed in the few stories I’ve been able to access. (The website seems to be having problems.)

I’ve contacted the real New York Times for a comment and am waiting for a response.

A spokeswoman for The New York Times Company e-mails: "We are in the process of finding out more about the fake issue."


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