Friday, February 13, 2009

Readers respond: NEJAR don’t know Crumb

A couple readers have written in to say that The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research's review of “R. Crumb’s Underground” at Mass Art was, ahem, misguided:

“I am disappointed that you chose a writer (Greg Cook) who obviously was not familiar with Crumb's comics and cultural commentary to write “The Beast in Me: Robert Crumb at Mass Art,” and who made up for his lack of knowledge with numerous insults directed at the artist. I don't mind bias or opinions in an article, but I think it helps to have a good idea of the subject in the first place.” – Laura Bradford of Jamaica Plain.

“...To compare him [Crumb] to the likes of Rembrandt and Goya, as some are wont to do, is to get carried away.” – Sebastian Smee of Boston.

Pictured: “Spoolmen” by R. Crumb, 2006—2007, 30 wooden spools and display case, photo by Tom Griggs, courtesy of David Teich.


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