Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“Boston Does Boston III” at Proof

From our review of “Boston Does Boston III," which just closed at Proof:
Proof Gallery's third annual round-up of local talent, "Boston Does Boston III," invites five artists to invite one other artist each to join them in the show that creates a crowd-sourced snapshot of the city's art scene. This year's edition feels like dispatches from dissolute, dumb-ass-but-still-glam Great Recession America. "Cheap and beautiful seem like a good combination right now," writes Kimberly Hennessy of Arlington.
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“Boston Does Boston III,” Proof, 516 E. 2nst St., South Boston, Dec. 12, 2009, to Jan. 16, 2010.

“Boston Does Boston II” at Proof.

Pictured from top to bottom: Justin Kemp's installation “Trap”; Jamie Horgan's drawing “Sunfish” (detail); Kimberly Hennessy's installation “I'll Probably Wear All Black To My High School Reunion”; Fredo Conde's sculptures "Briefcase" and “Distress Signal One”; Jess Wheelock's installation “How to Win Friends and Influence People”; Marina Pinsky and Carter Seddon's installation “Think About How Many People See You on Your Way to Work”; Sam McKinniss's oil paintings “The Rainbow," “Sunbather” and ”Jonathan Richman”; Katie Mansfield's installation “Times”; and Steve Locke's painting “The Slow Reveal."


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