Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farewell to Stairwell and Yes

From our December report on the closings of Stairwell Gallery in Providence and Yes Gallery + Studio in Warren, Rhode Island:
More closings and a question: Can galleries survive here?

2009 was a crappy year for the arts as the lousy economy has pushed venerable institutions like the Rhode Island School of Design to cut staff, Brown University's Bell Gallery to leave a curatorial position unfilled, and galleries in places like New York and Boston to shutter in droves. The latest bad news is that Stairwell Gallery on Broadway and Yes Gallery + Studio in Warren are closing.

Stairwell co-founders Natalie Purkey and Haley O'Connor are shy about discussing the details with me, but Purkey says "[we're] relinquishing our storefront space, and will be continuing Stairwell projects in a more free-form manner." Think something like the exhibits they curated at Boston University late last year and in New York. In the meantime, they plan to focus on their own artmaking. O'Connor e-mails that she's "headed west to participate in the Mountain School of the Arts in LA. Natalie has a few shows lined up, the first in Baltimore this winter."
Read the rest here.

Pictured from top to bottom: An opening at Yes Gallery + Studio and the front of Stairwell Gallery.


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