Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Space Other to close

I was saddened to learn last week that Space Other gallery at 63 Wareham St. will close after its April 4 to 26 show "In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni/We go in circles in the dark and are consumed by fire." The closing is another piece of the major shakeup happening in the Boston gallery scene that I reported on last week.

The 3-year-old gallery, which is run by Gamaliel Herrera and Mark Schwindenhammer, specializes in smartly produced, challenging shows, generally with an international bent. And they slipped in some locals, like Bostonian Andrew Mobray, whose “Bathyscape” show made my list of the best art of 2007.

Schwindenhammer says economics weren’t the driving factor. Instead they’re pursuing new opportunities, including planning a series of international projects over the next couple years. And, he says, they’re mulling eventually opening another gallery somewhere around Boston, or Europe.

Herrera writes in a press release issued today: "For the next year Space Other abandons its sessile exhibition space in Boston's South End and proceeds to develop a series of exhibitions under the umbrella title 'space other at other spaces,' which will take place in non-traditional exhibition spaces in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, and San Juan during the remainder of 2008. During the fall of 2006 we participated in an exhibition where we took over an empty store space in a commercial district in Hamburg for one month. This is the nomadic model to follow. A self published book compiling information on the 21 exhibitions and the many artists presented in Boston during the last three years will be published this fall."

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