Friday, May 23, 2008

Soprafina Gallery moving on up

Soprafina Gallery, at 450 Harrison Ave. in Boston, will move upstairs within that building in August into a gallery being vacated by MPG Contemporary, according to Soprafina owner Frank Roselli.

“I’m coming out of the basement,” Roselli says. “The reaction of most of the artists I’ve told is, ‘Wow, that’s great.’”

MPG Contemporary plans to close in July, as we reported last week. Roselli has two more shows planned for his current space: Liz Leggett in June and Michael Palmer in July. Soprafina is scheduled to then move from the lower level of storefront galleries facing Thayer Street into the spot directly above it, and reopen in September with an exhibit of work by Lori Warner.

“It’s more visible [to visitors] when you’re on Thayer,” Roselli says. “It has higher ceilings, which makes it seem more spacious. It has much brighter light. It’s kind of dark down here. … I think there will be a little more access to walk-in traffic.”

Roselli says that the rental cost for his current location and the new space would be roughly the same (taking into account that rents are increasing throughout the building).

Roselli opened Soprafina Gallery on Beacon Street near Kirkland Street in Cambridge in 2001, and was there for three years before moving to his current location.


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