Friday, September 05, 2008

William Steig

From my review of the book "The Art of William Steig":
William Steig, who spent his last decade in Boston, was one of the great cartoonists of the past century. He drew cartoons for the New Yorker and children’s books (one inspired the Shrek movies) with an endearing, spontaneous, ramshackle style that recalls kids’ doodles, and shares their sense of wonder and magic, too.

The Art of William Steig, published in conjunction with an exhibit at New York’s Jewish Museum [last winter], marks the centennial of Steig’s New York birth and is the first major assessment of his career since his death in 2003. It’s a soft-focus appreciation by curator Claudia Nahson, Maurice Sendak, Edward Sorel, Steig’s daughter Maggie, and his last wife, Jeanne.
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