Friday, December 05, 2008

Elizabeth King

From my review of Elizabeth King’s “The Sizes of Things in the Mind’s Eye” at Brown University’s Bell Gallery:
Visiting Elizabeth King's "The Sizes of Things In the Mind's Eye" at Brown University's Bell Gallery is a bit like visiting Dr. Frankenstein's lab — all glass eyes, artificial limbs, and automatons. And like a mad scientist, King concerns herself with the nature of life by focusing on the boundary between inanimate objects and living beings.

"Can I get you thinking about the inside of a small hollow thing in the shape of a head?" she has written of her lifelike, doll-like sculptures such as "Myself with Other Eyes," a pale porcelain self-portrait head with blue glass eyes. The back of the head is missing and inside it is hollow. "This is my subject: The mystery of what goes on in there. Somewhere in there is us. We are inside looking out."
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Elizabeth King, “The Sizes of Things in the Mind’s Eye,” Brown University’s Bell Gallery, 64 College St., Providence, Nov. 8 to Dec. 21, 2008.

Pictured from top to bottom: Elizabeth King, installation view at Dartmouth College, 2008, photo by John Sherman; “Bartlett’s Hand,” 2005. Carved English boxwood, brass, stop-frame animation, dedicated computer and LCD monitor, collection of Robert and Karen Duncan, Lincoln, Nebraska, photo by Lynton Gardiner; and “untitled,” 1994-2004, porcelain, glass eyes, wood, metals, eye lashes, fiber optics, collection of Myron Kunin, Minneapolis, photo by Lynton Gardiner.


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