Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anthony Greaney moving

Anthony Greaney Gallery, which opened at 460 Harrison Ave. in Boston in December 2008, is moving to 450 Harrison Ave. Greaney says he plans to open in a front corner space formerly occupied by Bernie Toale’s project space by early January – if not sooner – with a show of Liz Glynn.

“I like the history of Bernie. That’s some real space there,” Greaney says. “That’s the very beginning of the South End [gallery district] as we now know it.”

The move will increase the gallery’s size from 600 square feet to 640, plus additional storage space, which he didn’t have in the old location. And the rent will be less, Greaney says, though he notes that the move requires the added cost of doing his second build-out of a gallery in about a year.

“I really love my space and I’d love to be able to stay there. … I love the slight remove in a way,” Greaney tells me. But his location at 460 Harrison offered frustrations, most stemming from being hidden within the building behind Howard Yezerski’s Gallery. “I was so tucked away back here. I felt I put on some pretty good shows that got totally missed.”

The old gallery was supposed to be accessible via a hallway inside the building, but the outside door leading to that hall was often kept locked by the management of the building, Developer Mario Nicosia’s GTI Properties. GTI also was lax about installing a door intercom and signs to alert visitors to the presence of businesses within the building.

“I just got an intercom the other day,” Greaney says. “They wouldn’t give us signage or let us put up signage until a week ago.”


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