Friday, November 13, 2009

"Do It! Show It! Sing It! Work It!", Holly Ewald at AS220

From my review of two now closed exhibits: "Do It! Show It! Sing It! Work It!" plus Holly Ewald of Pawtuxet Village at Providence’s AS220:
It's not quite right to call "Do It! Show It! Sing It! Work It!" the AS220 biennial. This fizzy hodgepodge of art by AS220 staff, residents, volunteers, and fellow travelers is not as serious the term "biennial" implies. This is more like a hootenanny, lots of different voices, not all singing in key.

Among the highlights of the show, which is on view in AS220's main gallery (115 Empire Street), is AS220 program director Meredith Stern's "Cast Your Spell," a collage of relief prints. The title floats over two squirrels juggling leaves over a pot on a campfire, with rodents perched on their backs. Several more critters flank them. Stern expertly makes her scratchy gouging to suggest fur and motion. It gives the print a buzzing woodsy energy.
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"Do It! Show It! Sing It! Work It!" and Holly Ewald, AS220, Empire Street and Mathewson Street, Providence, Oct. 4 to 24, 2009.

Pictured from top to bottom: Rebecca Zub “Seaweed/Rock Jumble”; Holly Ewald, “Languages of the Land, A Dialogue with the Downs”; Denny Moers, "Gloucester 1" (for forthcoming book on Charles Olsen); and Scott Lapham's “My Entire Life in Birds.”


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