Monday, December 28, 2009

Art Awards nominations so far

Below are some nominations that we've received so far for the 2009 New England Art Awards, which is a contest to honor the best art made here and exhibits organizes here this year. And we're seeking nominations through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 3. Anyone can make nominations here. So if you don't see a show or artist you like in the list below, now is the time to make your voice heard.

Some nominations for the 2009 New England ARt Awards:
Harry Callahan at the MFA
June August
jesse kaminsky
Coil/Recoil by Lisa Greenfield
Starry Night - Lisa Greenfield and Daniel J. van Ackere
Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch at the Rose Museum, Waltham
Fischli & Weiss the Way Things Go List Center
Zsuzsanna Szegedi
Halloween Iron Pour at the Steel Yard
The Steel Yard Iron Chef Competition
Honk Parade
Joanne Rice
Marta Renzi
Perestroika; 3rd Anniversary Show, Jacques Cabaret, Boston
John O'Reilly
Joe Deal New Work / RISD Museum
Steel Yard Public Projects
Joseph Wheelwright
Anna Hepler: intricate Universe
Ria Brodell: Out of the Forest
Hirokazu Fukawa at Real Art Ways, Hartford
Pelle Cass in New England Photography Biennial, Danforth Museum
Megapolis Audio Festival - Justin Grotelueschen, Nick van der Kolk
ACT UP at Harvard
Fixed Chaos at Montserrat
Rockstone and Bootheel; Real Art Ways; curated by Kristina Newman-Scott and Yona
add and subtract (bkprojects @ kayafas)
Salt of the Earth at Montserrat
Albrecht Durer at MFA
Melody and Witness at GASP
Beyond the Literal at GASP
Gerry Berenstein at Gallery Naga
Peter Schumann exhibit at BCA and Vermont
Amy Stacey Curtis: Sort at Montserrat
Daniel Phillips: tear Down these Walls at Montserrat
“Made in Fort Point” shop at Fort Point Artist Community
Jenny Holzer at Montserrat
Bread and Puppet performances in Vermont and at BCA
"Heroes Stories" By Cullen Washington at The National Museum of African American Artist


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