Friday, December 18, 2009

Stewart Martin

From my review of Providence artist Stewart Martin's exhibit "Photographs Personal Favorites, 1975-2007" at AS220 in Providence:
The art star Keith Haring cameos in Martin's "Personal Favorites 1975-2007." Haring is young and energized, in leopard print eyeglasses, a tank top, and jeans, as he chalks a picture of a person with snakes wiggling out of his head onto a blacked-out billboard at New York's 23rd Street subway stop in the mid-1970s.

It's a dash of celebrity amidst Martin's black-and-white documentary photography of unknown folks populating the old, weird America. He photographs a road cutting through a snowy rolling Vermont mountain valley, as seen through the frosted windshield of a bus, or children crowding around a car under the spray of a fire hydrant opened up on a summer Brooklyn street. These are iconic, radiant moments.
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"Stewart Martin: Photographs Personal Favorites- 1975-2007," AS220, 115 Empire St., Providence, through Dec. 6 to 27, 2009

Pictured from top to bottom: Stewart Martin, "Fire Hydrant Kids-Brooklyn New York," "Keith Haring #1 23rd St. subway NYC," "Vermont Bus view RT. 30-VT," "Ode to Robert Frank Rt 80 Wyoming," "Whirling Dervishes-St. John the Divine NYC,""Beautiful Trailer Rt. 7-VT,""Most popular activity #1-VT," "Hot Dog Castro St. Halloween SF Ca," and "Doll Face Salesgirl - Burlington,VT."


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