Thursday, January 18, 2007

The new ICA

Here’s my cranky critique of the new ICA. Key passage:

“The architects forgot that just about every visitor will approach the building from the land side. Or did they intend the ICA to turn its back on Boston? The building’s profile resembles a folded-up laptop computer (wow?), but the street facade could be any drab office building. At street level, the right half is a gray wall with a staff entrance and a loading dock, which I think in architect lingo is the building’s anus.”

I seem to be nearly alone in my disappointment at the building's design, but...

“While I was seated in the café, a loud thud was heard as someone smacked full force into a glass wall beside the confusingly designed exit. While the victim iced his forehead outside, Mr. Renfro assured me that this fault would be corrected by affixing stickers.” – Lee Rosenbaum in The Wall Street Journal


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