Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cliff Evans

From my review of Cliff Evans’s “Empyrean," which closes at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum tomorrow:
Brooklyn artist Cliff Evans’s video installation “Empyrean,” up now at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, is a Web-induced digital fever dream of celebrities, war, sex, and religion straight out of Hieronymus Bosch’s late-15th- and early-16th-century paintings of temptation and Hell. When you watch it, the end feels very near.
Read the rest here.

Compare the form and content echoes between Evans’s work and Martha Rosler’s 1960s Vietnam war photo collages and recent Iraq war photo collages, which are on view at the Worcester Museum of Art through tomorrow.

Cliff Evans, “Empyrean,” Isabella Steward Gardner Museum, 280 The Fenway, Boston, Nov. 9, 2007, to Jan. 13, 2008.


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