Thursday, October 02, 2008

New owner for Harvard Bookstore

Jeff Mayersohn and Linda Seamonson, a married couple from Wellesley, are the new owners of the landmark Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, the business announced today. Mayersohn, who will serve as president, takes over from Frank Kramer, who has owned the store for 46 years. The shop had been in his family since his father opened it in 1932.

The announcement explains: “Originally from New York City, Jeff Mayersohn has been a resident of New England for nearly four decades. He graduated from Harvard College in 1973 and received an M.Phil. in physics from Yale in 1977. He has worked at several high-tech companies in the region, including internet pioneer Bolt, Beranek and Newman. For the last ten years, Mr. Mayersohn has been an executive at Sonus Networks, a market leader in IP communications infrastructure. Mr. Mayersohn and Ms. Seamonson are married and have three children: Andrew, a sophomore at Yale, and Rebecca and Anna, who attend the Wellesley public schools.”

Today, Kramer wrote in an email to customers: “I look forward to remaining a prominent member of the Cambridge business community, steering the Cambridge Local First campaign, and working as an industry consultant. I also plan to travel and, when time permits, learn Italian.”

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