Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Artadia announces 15 grant finalists

Artadia, the New York-based nonprofit, today announced the 15 finalists for the seven grants it plans to award in August. They are: Claire Beckett, Cree Bruins, Ambreen Butt, Laura Chasman, Caleb Cole, Margo Cooper, Raul Gonzalez, Eric Gottesman, Wendy Jacob, Erik Levine, Steph Plourde-Simard, Nick Rodrigues, Amie Siegel, Suara Welitoff, and Joe Zane.

Finalists were chosen from 577 applications by three jurors, Sanford Biggers (artist, New York), Dan Cameron (Founding Director, Chief Curator, Prospect New Orleans), and Randi Hopkins (Associate Curator, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston). Now Peter Eleey (Visual Arts Curator, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) and Rita Gonzalez (Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art) will work with Hopkins to pick two artists to receive $15,000 and five to get $3,000 each.

By the bye: Love Artadia and all, but why bother announcing finalists – except to drum up more publicity for the whole thing? I mean it’s nice to know the finalists, but more than half these people are going to be, uh, not-winners just like the other 562 applicants. Shouldn’t Artadia just make one announcement of the winners and get it over with?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's significant to be shortlisted, and important career-wise for that to be publicized even for the artists who don't win. Even though I didn't make Artadia's shortlist this time or last, I'm grateful that they do it. (Public shortlists are very common in the literary world — how often have you seen a line like "shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize" on a book?) When the shortlist for something competitive isn't public, such as for the Fitchburg Art Museum's New England/New Talent Biennial (which has a 2-part selection process with studio visits, similar to Artadia's), it's a bummer for those not selected (just sayin' because I've been there 2x...)

July 9, 2009 at 7:02 AM  

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