Thursday, July 30, 2009

“Collective Access” at 5 Traverse

From my review of “Collective Access” at 5 Traverse Gallery in Providence:
Meg Turner steals the show in 5 Traverse gallery's new exhibit with her installation “Santa's Worst Nightmare.” Climb up a few stairs, step into a closet-sized box wallpapered with etchings of bricks, and close the old weathered door behind you. An orange light flickers on and it looks like the floor's dropped out and you're standing on thin air in a chimney shaft. It's a fun (if not very meaty) special effect.

The exhibit in question is "Collective Access" at 5 Traverse. The title refers to how AS220's public-access print shop is collectively managed by the 10 Providence artists featured here. In addition to the exhibit's fine art and funhouse tricks, the gallery will host a pancake brunch that artists will screenprint with chocolate on Saturday, August 14, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

5 Traverse, without announcing it, seems to be quietly mapping the Providence art scene…
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“Collective Access” at 5 Traverse Gallery, 5 Traverse St., Providence, July 10 to Aug. 16, 2009.

Pictured from top to bottom:
Jay Zehngebot and Liz Lake, “To Listen With Our Feet (To Hear with Our Hands),” 2009, 14-color screenprint on paper, edition of 35, available as book or as as shown flat; Agata Michalowska, “favorite shades of yellow,” 2009, intaglio with chine colé on kozo and mulberry backing, edition of 3, and “learning to write,” 2009, intaglio with chine colé and pen, one of a kind series 1-1; detail of Stephanie McGuinness’s “Untitled (Triptych),” 2009, screenprint collage on mixed media, one of a kind (3 parts); Meg Turner, “A moment of solitude (or Santa’s Worst Nightmare),” 2009, mixed media installation with Chine-collé etchings and found door; Morgan Calderini, “Balloon Installation,” 2009, hand-dyed silk, balloons, string, 3 slide viewers, slides; Victoria Lockard, “Mermaid with Parasol,” 2009, linocut, edition of 4; and Meredith Younger, “now we're heartbird free,” 2009, ceramic and gouache.


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