Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MA Cultural Council awards “Traditional Arts” grants

The Massachusetts Cultural Council has awarded five “traditional artists” grants to support the passing down of skills from master artists to apprentices. The recipients are:
  • John Kristensen (pictured above) of Firefly Press in Brighton, monotype typecasting and letterpress printing master artist, and Jesse Marsolais, apprentice, $4,125.
  • Nancy C. Tunnicliffe of Lanesboro, piobaireachd, highland bagpipe, master artist, and Sean Humphries of Millville, apprentice, $3,750.
  • Pravin Sitaram of Shrewsbury, mridangam, carnatic South Indian drumming, master artist, and Ullas Rao of Westwood, apprentice, $2,625.
  • Samnang Hor of Lowell, Cambodian dance master artist, and Sopaul Hem of Melrose, apprentice, $2,250.
  • Chritstopher Pereji of South Attleboro, tabla, north Indian drumming, master artist, and Nisha Purushotham of Roxbury, apprentice, $2,250.
Photo by state folklorist Maggie Holtzberg of the MCC from her "Keepers of Tradition: Traditional Arts and Folk Heritage Blog."


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