Tuesday, February 02, 2010

5 Traverse is closing

Sad news: 5 Traverse gallery in Providence is closing.

The gallery has posted this message on its website:
"5 Traverse, 'the gallery,' is closing its doors. It has been a fantastic trek and we are thankful for all who have enjoyed and participated over the last two phases of the gallery’s existence. The two people who have run the space, Maya Allison and Jesse Smith, are going to curate many more projects. These may be local or global events and 5Traverse.com will keep you posted as to how to follow their creations."
5 Traverse, which Smith opened in April 2007, has been one of the sharpest galleries in New England, exhibiting a range of local established (Jonathan Bonner) to emerging artists (Michael Bizon). Coming right on the heels of the closing of Stairwell Gallery, this will leave Providence without any commercial galleries seriously engaged with the boundary-pushing art of today, the art engaged in the dialogue with where art is and where art is going.

More soon.

Pictured: "Tape Art Artaquarium" exhibit at 5 Traverse Gallery in 2008.


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