Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rose protestors targeted by Brandeis restructuring?

Brandeis University programs whose students and staff prominently protested school administrators’ proposal to shutter the school’s Rose Art Museum and sell its collection are among those slated for elimination, under a proposed academic restructuring announced yesterday (full report in pdf here, summary here).

The key affected programs include the masters degree programs in cultural production and theater design, both of which would be phased out as soon as students currently in the program graduate. The plan also calls for “significantly” cutting funding for the Brandeis Theater Company and related theater production activities over the next two years.

Andrew Gully, Brandeis senior vice president for communications, denies claims that these programs were targeted because they were affiliated with students and faculty prominent in Rose protests. "That's false," he says in an e-mail. "In fact, a number of prominent faculty opponents of the university's Rose Art Museum position last year are members of the Brandeis 2020 Committee that made the 18 proposals."

The Waltham school says cuts are necessary to address the school’s continuing financial problems. Programs from anthropology to biochemistry to computer science are targeted for cost cutting, but most of the changes call for reductions or merging of programs. Besides the art programs, the only other programs that the plan says “should be terminated” are the undergraduate majors in Italian Studies and in Hebrew Language and Literature; undergraduate minors in Yiddish and East European Jewish Culture and in Internet Studies; as well as scientific research in the areas of chemical dynamics, immunology, radio astronomy and combinatorics.

The 23-member faculty, staff and student Brandeis 2020 Committee, which formulated the plan, said that as many as 7 full-time and six-part time faculty and staff would be eliminated beginning around July 2011, but no administrative support staff cuts are proposed. These proposals come on top of the recommendations of the Curricular and Academic Restructuring Steering Committee last year to cut 35 faculty or roughly 10 percent and increase undergraduate enrollment by 400 students or roughly 12 percent. Combined, the school believes, these proposals could save the school $3.8 million annually.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Graduate School Council, Faculty Senate, four School Councils, and open student forums are expected to review the plan before Provost Marty Krauss announces whether school administrators will forward the plans to the school’s Board of Trustees for review at its March 24 meeting, when the school’s annual budget is expected to be approved.

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really appreciate your continued attention greg. we don't know why, especially considering the program MADE the school money

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