Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Providence = ‘Alternative Vacation Destination’

The National Trust for Historic Preservation today named Providence – and its “Venetian-style waterways” – one of its 2007 Dozen Distinctive Destinations, which apparently are “alternative vacation destinations that symbolize an increasing dedication to historic preservation.”

How did Providence earn the “alternative vacation destination” distinction?
"The capital of one of the nation’s 13 original colonies and the home of several prestigious colleges, Providence, R.I., has a colorful four-century history proudly and prominently displayed in landmark structures, a Victorian-era park and a blazing riverfront festival that has revitalized this historic city."
That’s, of course, Barnaby Evans’, uh, historically preserved WaterFire they’re giving credit for revitalizing Providence. Congratulations. I think.

Chatham, Massachusetts, also makes the list. As far as I can tell Chatham’s honor seems to have nothing to do with setting stuff on fire.

(Photo by Hal Barth.)


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